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Sambar (without dal).

Sambar (without dal) You can cook Sambar (without dal) using 13 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Sambar (without dal)

  1. It's of boiled Shakarkandi(Sweet potato).
  2. You need of medium cup freshly grated coconut.
  3. It's of of roasted methi seeds(fenugreek seeds).
  4. Prepare of grated gud(jaggery).
  5. It's of rai (mustard).
  6. It's of dried red chillies.
  7. It's of Salt.
  8. You need of hing(asefetoda).
  9. You need of ghee.
  10. It's of of haldi(turmeric).
  11. Prepare of of jeera.(cumin seeds).
  12. It's of of curry leaves and daniya (coriander leaves).
  13. You need of of imli pulp(tamarind pulp).

Sambar (without dal) step by step

  1. In a blender, grind coconut, dry roasted methi seeds, red chillies, turmeric and half a teaspoon of mustard. Make a fine paste adding water..
  2. Heat a pan. Add ghee. Once ghee is hot, add mustard seeds jeera and hing. Then add the boiled sweet potatoes. Add tamarind pulp and cook it for five minutes. Then add the above paste. Add water accordingly.Add jaggery and salt according to taste. Cook it for about 10 minutes. Add curry leaves and dhaniya leaves.Switch off the flame..
  3. You can serve it with rice, rotis, chapathis, idli and dosa. Good for winters..

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