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Potato patties. How to make potato patties in easy steps. For more detail on potato patties. Make Mashed Potato Patties from leftover mashed potatoes that are even more delicious the second time around.

Potato patties Potato patties are a great way to use up this ingredient to make another recipe that is crisp, hot, and Crispy Potato Patties are a classic side dish, perfect to serve with everything from meatloaf to. Dip each patty into lightly beaten egg then lightly coat with breadcrumbs. These potato cakes are great with any meal or as a snack. You can have Potato patties using 15 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Potato patties

  1. You need of big boiled potatoes.
  2. Prepare of corn flour.
  3. You need of chili powder.
  4. It's of cumin powder.
  5. It's of chopped onion.
  6. It's of ginger garlic paste.
  7. It's of Salt as per taste.
  8. You need of olive oil.
  9. It's of Toppings.
  10. It's of boiled chickpeas.
  11. It's of chopped tomato.
  12. Prepare of chopped onion.
  13. You need of cilantro chopped.
  14. It's of savory Sev.
  15. Prepare of Tamarind sauce or lemon juice.

Simple and quick to make with only a few Tip - if the potato mixture will try to stick to your hands when forming the patties. Transfer the cooked potato patties on to wire rack lined with paper towel to absorb excess oil. Repeat with the remainder of potato mixture, adding more oil to the skillet as needed. Serve hot with a side of.

Potato patties step by step

  1. Except oil mix all together.
  2. Make soft dough and divided it into 15-20 balls.
  3. Flat it and cook it on griddle from both sides till golden by applying oil.
  4. Now take 2-3 patties in bowl, add toppings little, add some tamarind sauce or lemon juice and salt.

Sweet potatoes are a bit too starchy for my husband and me. But sweet potatoes do have some benefits, and my kids really like these patties - they are one of their favorite side dishes. Mashed Potato Patties with Cheese and Onion - XO&So: Vegetarian Comfort Food. The ultimate comfort food in patty form with ooey gooey cheese and a mix of white and green onions. Delicious, savory Mashed Potato Patties are crispy on the outside and soft and creamy inside.

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